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By | February 26, 2012

Over the last few weeks I have been glossing over the fact that Pinterest is driving much of the social traffic. It has been a site which has generated a great amount of (p)interest in the social world off the last few months & well, I was kind of lured to visit. Just as we saw a huge amount of noise created by enterprises to launch their brand pages across Twitter, Google+, Facebook – this year start seems to be devoted to Pinterest.

What is ‘Pinterest’ ??
The first thing that stuck me was that the site is still not officially open to all & is strictly invite-based. Not that it would be an issue as I have never heard anyone’s request turned down, but I agree, its a better way to keep off some unwarranted noise.
Started by Cold Brew Labs with an intention to share images based on themes, Pinterest helps users curate images from various website using its ‘Pin it’ button or by uploading the image & is shared over its canvas (pin-boards). It basically is a platform where images can be shared & marketed.
While I was waiting for my request to be approved, which was done over a due course of time, I took some time off to ponder over the facts (from Mashable):
Pinterest –
  • is the fastest to reach 11.7 million unique visitors in Dec 2011 (comscore)
  • Has 10.4 million registered users (Source)
  • Averages 1.36 million users daily
  • Has 68.2% users as women
  • Has a healthy 3.6% referral topic, better than Youtube, Google+
  • Estimated unique visitors to increased by 429 percent from September to December 2011. (via Monetate)
  • Top interests in the U.S.: crafts, gifts, hobbies/leisure, interior design, fashion designers/collections. (via
  • Has seen 289% increase in apparel retail traffic between July – Dec’11
Looking at those stats, you’re sure that it would be an interesting business proposition to put your wares on the Pinterest platform.
Volkswagen USA
Have a look at Etsy or Volkswagen USA boards on Pinterest & it will be easy to gauge the kind of potential Pinterest has and it would make sense to to have your items displayed there.
And the one market that can obviously leverage on the social channels was the “Emerging Markets“. Small & Medium Enterprises (SME) in those markets can certainly gain a mass following outside of their geographies by having a display over and above their own portals.
Pinterest offers a very simple way to get you onboard & start pinning (the equivalent of displaying & linking product photo).
1. Get an account. Simple go to the Pinterest site & “request for an invite“. Enter your preferred email id & you should soon have a link from the team to proceed with creation of your account.
2. Create a content strategy. Gregory Pouy’s presentation shall help you decide on the strategy.
3. Create Pin-boards. Login to the account & start creating pin-boards based on your product themes – Weddings, Formal Wear, Casuals, Gift ideas. It will help you manage the product lines & an easier track back.
4. Pinning to Portal. Each image on the pin-board can be linked to your portal. Also, like this user, you might can also display the price on the pin-board & get the viewer to visit the website to transact further.
5. Promotion.  Link the pin-boards to popular social sites like Twitter, Facebook or Google+ and enterprise can achieve better mileage for their brands.
6. Feedback. Create a board where users can re-pin your products & based on the products shared, the enterprise can determine the demographics of the users & promote the range of products in a particular geography. eg. A user in the Middle-East, Asia tropical region shall not be looking to buy woolen clothing designed for colder climates. Such information can be leveraged while creating pin-boards.
I believe this are good times for the SME in the emerging markets to grab some eye-balls & create a generous fan base. With the kind of growth Pinterest is going through, it has to be part of the content strategy for enterprises in these markets to leverage it over & above the conventional portals & other social fan pages.
But yes, there have been concerns over privacy & copyrights over the images being shared which I believe would be thrashed in coming days.
Needless to say – “Go ahead…Needles are waiting to be pinned” !!!
So, do you find some of these strategies exciting?? It would be great to hear your views & learn about other successful ideas and how they are being implemented.
Let me know through comments & will be glad to engage in the conversation.
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