A – All aboard the A to Z Blog Challenge

Today is the Day #1 of the A To Z challenge & am on board writing the first post.
As part of the challenge, we are supposed to write a post on each of the word as given in the schedule. Think its easy?? Get registered, as the A2Z Team is still accepting requests. Believe me, this is going to be a huge blog marathon & I feel great to be part of it.
My Top 5 reasons to pick up the challenge
1. Regular Post
2. Wider Audience
3. Great Traffic
4. Interaction with other Bloggers
5. Gain Influence
Looking forward to the semblance that it can bring up in my posting schedule & well not to forget some good traffic too (Who doesn’t like that as a blogger)
Haven’t heard of A to Z Challenge?? Visit their blog today and register if you can. Seems almost 1600+ bloggers are already registered.
And if you have already registered, do share your Blog Link using the ‘comments’ below.
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