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It has been an amazing week so far with all the great learning over the entire week and writing couple of guest posts. This week, I have been trying new ways to start my day, getting up really early and reading multiple blog posts and then diving into various Twitter Chats. And it was on one of these days that I found this blog post ‘Five for Friday’ by Amy Vernon. Needless to mention that the post had amazing content and Amy has curated her top 5 reads. Also, I saw this blog post by my dear friend Prasant too where he covered the Indian perspective of Social Media. These 2 posts indeed made me write my top 5 reads of the week and here I present them (well, the 2 above are the best reads though).

Top 5 blog posts of the week:

  1. Continuing with my recent love with Pinterest, I came across this post by Stacy Claflin. As a blogger, we always strive to write better with each post and in her blog Stacy has deftly put across the message on “How to Leverage Pinterest to Improve Your Writing”.  Seriously, if you’re not using Pinterest, you’re definitely missing a great platform. I have indeed found it useful and do recommend my clients to use it too. For vendors in the emerging market, it is a very potent platform. Check my post here where I explore ways Pinterest can be used in emerging economies.
  2. For blogger nothing matters then keeping their content alive. And Pam Moore has cleverly explained to give life to your content in this post. And I was particularly interested in converting the blog to video part. That surely look like something I will try soon. So keep checking this blog folks!! As for other tips, they are bang on and am looking to follow them. Thanks Pam!!
  3. The best thing that has happened in last couple of months is the #SEOTalk Twitter Chat along with Jaydip Parikh – the SEO guru. And it would be worthwhile to check the recent guest post EMD or the Exact Match Domain updates on his blog. If you’re someone like me, who’s trying to learn about SEO, make sure to follow Jaydip’s  blog & updates closely and also drop into our Twitter Chat #SEOTalk which happens every Monday 3 PM GMT (please convert to your local timings from here)
  4. If you’re an avid blogger, you should not be missing any updates from Pushing Social by Stanford Smith. This post by him indeed got me thinking about my own goals. I now have taken it a step further and put my goals as short term (2-3 months) and long-term (10-12 months) and put have slowly started developing my strategy around it.
  5. is one of the best places to look out for any updates or to learn strategies to master Facebook. And this post didn’t disappoint me as I was looking forward to create some good strategies for my own page and for Cake-O-Mania. I did create some CTA, one of them being on my own homepage which will take you directly to my Facebook Page. Great learning there and I couldn’t agree more that Pictures do get lot of engagement.

And that was how my week spanned, as I dive into Sunday night, looking forward to another exciting week ahead. So, how was your week and what were your best reads. Do utilize the comments below and share.

Image Credit: Dricker94 via Flickr Creative Commons

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