5 Best Social Media Posts of Week #43

By | October 28, 2012

Social Media Top 5It’s less than 10 weeks to the new year and I guess many of us are revisiting the goals we had set for 2012 and planning for a successful 2013.  My social media journey has been quite exceptional over 2012 having engaged in many conversation and making many new friends and last week had been no different.

As my quest for writing great content for blog & monetization goes on for yet another week, I landed upon some great posts and here are the 5 that stood out.

Top 5 Social Media posts for week #43

  1. This was one of the best post on writing content that I have come across till now. If you’re someone who does lots of guest posting and get disorganized at times, Timo’s guide to keeping on top of your efforts should be a great read. While I had always maintained an editorial calendar for my own posts, Timo’s idea of having a spreadsheet of guest post details is awesome.
  2. For someone who is always asked about the RoI of Social Media, this post about Social Commerce is a nice read. Did you know the average dollars earned by the organizer per share is about $3.23 & the return on the Facebook share is the highest at $4.15. So, if you’re someone who would like to impress your customers, read the post & ensure that you’ve noted all those numbers carefully.
  3. I belong to certain group among men who love Pinterest :-). Yes, I was thrilled to know that Pinterest debuts  amongst the top 50 web properties.  While I had always believed in the power of Pinterest, I still see many business particularly in India still not adopting it. It’s a great social platform for sharing images and would love to see business particularly in the emerging economies leverage it.
  4. Coming back to the content creation part of social media, you could have hardly missed this simple yet profound post. The simplicity with which Ken has shared some of the basics of content marketing can hardly be missed. I truly believe in his idea of keeping things simple and consistent. These are vital in fact for any business to succeed and thus a nice analogy with a sushi restaurant.
  5. One of the studies have shown that nearly 56% of social media users are women. So no wonder you see more campaigns designed especially for them, but this post explored some social media campaigns for men and I no more feel left out. It cleverly shows some of the campaigns meant for men in general and gives their perspective of ‘Why it worked’. Nice to see some great reviews.
So this has been pretty much of my week.

Your Turn

How was your week & what were the top reads that worked well for you? Do share those in the comments below.

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