5 Tips On Creating a Buzz For Your Blog Post

By | October 30, 2012

Blog BuzzDo you want to make your voice heard to the world through your writings? Have you created a blog for your product or services and want to create mass awareness? In order to bring in more traffic and engage visitors you need to follow certain things, which would lure the readers to return. You need to ensure that your blog is bookmarked and shared and generating the right social signals to be Google-worthy, so that it does not get lost in the vast sea of online information.

Some tips on creating effective blog post are as follows:

  1. Create news: You need to get newsy and write something about the current trend. Your blog needs to create some controversy to get noticed. As news related keywords are not that much competitive, your blog needs to be researched well for search engine optimization as well. A well researched SEO based blog can make to the higher page ranks in the search engine. As a news blog it could also get featured in Google News or related Blog alert emails, thus generating more traffic.
  2. Let the viewers talk: Everybody likes to get his or her voice heard. You need to get comments on the blog for creating a social buzz. These controversial comments encourage traffic to return on your post. Most readers, after posting comments, subscribe to thread. So, you need to keep track of the replies that your post might receive, so that for every new comment the subscribers get a mail notification. For engaging visitors, you need to end the blog with an engaging question or create a poll relevant to the post. However, you need to make sure that your controversial blog does not pose as offensive to any sector of your target audience.
  3. Personalize the blog: You need to make the blog look personal. As articles and blogs differ characteristically, a personalized post connects with people in a better way. So, it is better to add your own experience and insights.
  4. Keep it organized: You need to organize the widgets and other important tools in the blog. You can install some buttons of popular social networking sites. This would be easier for visitors to share the blog and have it tweeted or posted on their social platform walls. Sharing the blog url on different social platforms make the blog popular, without being posed as a spam and also increases the chance of getting bookmarked and shared by different users.
  5. Maintain the pace: You need to do regular update of your blog. Adding new content gives you newer links to be posted or shared on different social networking sites and this increases the chance of getting more traffic.
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