5 Best Social Influence Posts for Week #49

By | December 9, 2012
Social Influence

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Well, this week didn’t go as I would have liked too, the day job took up a good amount of creativity and time which resulted in me missing my mid-week blog post. This has happened for last 2-3 weeks now and what I am learning is to have some more posts that should be planned a bit ahead. Now what happens if you miss these post, ofcourse it results in traffic to the blog getting less but what I found was you also loose your social influence (hint..hint!!). Yes, the last week was dedicated to know more about ‘social influence’ since I saw that one of my post on Klout has generated the maximum pageviews, shares & comments. Read further, if you would want to know more…

Top 5 reads on Social Influence

  1. This post – The rising science of Social Influence at Techcrunch by Ferenc Huzsar immediately caught my attention. The POV coming directly from a data scientist at PeerIndex was quite interesting since it tell us the amount of data they crunch to give out the scores. The algorithms are indeed quite complex and it I commend the efforts of all such social influence measurement tools who have mastered the art of understanding the human psyche.
  2. With that, I had to talk about this particular post Mark Schaefer shared in the comments ‘Why Klout matters’. Make sure that you read the comments as well, because it is where the plot gets interesting. While the point Mark makes are indeed valid, it’s the manner in which Klout changes it’s algorithm makes it more vulnerable to all the hate. So will you care for social influence?
  3. Which took me to the third post of the week – Social Influence – Hit or Myth?by Peter. A succinct post about where the so-called tool really go wrong. Inspite of the best algorithm to measure influence, sometimes they do give those skewed results. The post should be a good learning for the influence measurement tools. And for my readers, what would you really say about social influence – hit or myth??
  4. When we are talking social influence, this post by Neal Schaffer cannot be missed since he takes opnion about 13 experts about Klout and it’s new algorithm (it did change after that..again). Here, I chimed completely with Jure Klepic and to quote him “influence is the power to sway” and not something that can be measured. And I still believe in that statement. For me there were only few influencers till date and ‘Gandhi’ was one amongst them.
  5. The last post really brings the matter into perspective – read ‘Does Social Influence really matter‘ by Dan Purvis. He does indicate that social influence scores cannot be used as ‘barometer’  to really judge influence and that is indeed true. Do you use it to judge your peers in the industry?
So this has pretty much been my part of the reading over the week and I am too opinionated about social influence since I consider the measurement tools as a futile exercise. I would still follow someone and read their content without even watching their scores. Even a little effort can make you know how these tools measure and you can easily game them, which is where my angst is.

Your turn

What are your views on Social Influence’? Do you also believe in so-called measurement tools? Share your views in the comments below.

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