Re-plug: 5 Twitter Tools to Increase Productivity

By | January 14, 2013

Twitter has been at the heart of many communication these days. Whether you are interacting with a person or a brand, discovering a lead or even monitoring a brand, Twitter can help in any such cases. Personally, I have seen changes in my own usage pattern over the last year and a half since I started using it. Starting from just lurking around and watching the conversations fly to actively taking part in Twitter Chats to generating leads, I have come a long way. Along the way, there have been various tools that have helped me achieve success over Twitter and increase productivity. These tools have helped me manage content, conversations and followers alike.

Sharing them here…

5 Free Twitter Tools

1. Hootsuite

Twitter Hootsuite

Hootsuite is one of the most awesome tool that I hang around with. With the web-interface, allowing me to login from any place and keep track of my conversations, it is one of my favorite social media management tool. With the ability to interact and share content across social platforms like – Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+ recently using multiple tab streams, this is one tool you shouldn’t miss.

2. Buffer

Any Twitter user worth their salt knows the importance of scheduling tweets. Scheduling is generally done in order for them to spread the tweets across the day and cater to multiple timezone. And one tool that helps them achieve great result is Buffer.

Twitter BufferApp

With the ability to define the time to share tweets, you can then just add the content to the tool. It takes care about rest of the business rules and shares your content per the defined time. Added is the capability to track your tweets with some great analytics and also sharing through multiple devices.


Again, this is one tool that I cannot imagine to live without. It helps me filter the signals from the noise. To make it more clear, it helps me track top engagers from my Twitter Community and gives me a direction on where to focus my conversation.

For me, it’s one of the best tool around for community management & I highly recommend using it!

4. SocialBro

If you’re looking out for analytics from your Twitter presence, SocialBro is your tool. It provides some of the best analytics that a free tool can provide. Few of the best analytics that it can provide are – realtime analytics, insights and capability to analyze hashtags.


You can even use the PRO version if you wish to integrate with Hootsuite. Here’s the comparison between free vs pro.

5. TweetChat

For a Twitter Chat addict like me, you just cannot miss using TweetChat. While you can use tools like Hootsuite or even Tweetdeck to follow a Twitter Chat, they can beat the simplicity of using TweetChat. The reason I like this tool the most is the easy interface. Just give the hash tag you would like to follow and you can monitor the conversations. And if you decide to participate, just login with your Twitter credentials and you’re set. If you feel the chat is going too fast, you can even decrease the speed of the update.


Over the time I have been using Twitter, those tools have been a great companion and help me engage better. While there are many similar tools around providing similar features, I am still sold to those.

Your turn

What are you favorite Twitter Management tools? How often do you change tools? Share your comments below.

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