The 3 C’s of Social Media

By | March 22, 2013

Social Media ContentSocial Media is easy!! You thought so, and started a nice little campaign for your brand. Wham!! You find no takers for it or simply put, it hasn’t generated any interest. Where did you go wrong?

Few days back, I was reading this post by Nick Westergaard and came across the 3 C of Social Media. I totally agreed with his views and they indeed form the basis of any successful social media campaign. Wondering what they are??

1. Content

 According to Nick,

Your content is your brand’s core online.

And it is the most difficult part of any campaigns. With so much content available on the web, writing unique content is challenging.While you simply cannot come out with unique content every day, it really is not too difficult. Some subtle changes in your writing pattern helps. This post can help you to improve some of the writing.

Basically, identify what your brands is associated with and find some keywords. Ensure your content is around that. That would give your brand it’s identity on the web.

2. Conversation

Second, you will need to proliferate the content and do not miss the part of being ‘social’ on social media. You can’t just broadcast content and sit back. Converse with individuals in your line of business, make yourselves heard.

Quick Tip: Have an opinion!!

3. Community

Community Building on the web is not recent, bulletin boards to groups to social platform, it has all been around. Communities are a great place to learn and share your experiences.

These platforms need to be leveraged. Be part of few excellent communities that cater to your brand.


You will read many other takes on how to ace social media, though for me, these are the most basic concepts.

Share your idea of the most basic social media concept that brands should leverage. Hit the comments below!!

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