Top 5 Social Media Post for Week #13

By | March 31, 2013

Five Social MediaThe ‘Top 5 Social Media Post‘ series is back for 2013. Usually, in this part of the world Jan – Mar is the final financial quarter and it becomes tad difficult to get into groove of aggregating posts. Not that I had stopped reading, but certainly had stopped marking the top reads.

Now that the series is back and we had many pundits declaring 2013 would be the year of SEO + Social or Social SEO (whichever way you look at it). That means that the SEO strategies are changing and are increasingly looking forward to leverage Social Media platforms and utilizing various automation tools. To that effect, the following posts shared some great information.

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Top 5 Social Media + SEO Posts

1. In the social world I have great respect for this gentleman – Randy Bowden and the following post – social vs. seo…and the winner is? gave some great insights on where the industry still is. No wonder, that SEO still helps in ranking of the sites and getting traffic. The stats said that only 2% traffic to retail websites came from social platforms. And I concur with Randy that many of the users go to social platforms for endorsements/opinions rather than shopping.

2. And then this post my Amanda Green which says – The Future of SEO is Social takes us through how search will change with Facebook’s Graph Search and advent of Google Plus. Great points on social indicators and how it will shape up the future of search.

3. Then this post covering Dan Cristo’s event by Dennis Clementethe ‘last word’ on social SEO. This particular statement where he breaks traditional search and social search was best –  The former is “authority,” the latter is “intimacy.” And the point he made was about brands having a chance to really build a relationship with customers rather than just ranking.

4. The next post is from a dear friend Alan K’nechtThe New SEO = Social Engagement Optimization. The post make a great point about the old-school ‘word-of-mouth marketing’ and how that has come a full circle and we are now have the same ‘word-of-mouth marketing’ in electronic form via social channels. That style of marketing has always made search easy and we’re slowly getting there with all the social signals playing a part in SEO. Classifying this as a MUST READ.

5. All of the above led me to this post – How Social Signals Affect SEO by Marcela De Vivo.  The post takes us through the various nuances of the signals from social media platform that affect SEO, importance of link sharing on the platforms and how engagement will shape up the future.

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Your Turn

If you are here, then it’s time to hear from you. Using the comments below, let us know:

1. How do you envisage the future of SEO

2. How will Social Media shape up in next few years

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