Top 5 Posts on Facebook Contest – Week #17

By | April 29, 2013

5 Facebook ContestFacebook Contest is one important element of a Brand’s Marketing Strategy and when done right, it has the power to increase the brand’s visibility enormously.

This week was dedicated to find some awesome Facebook Contest, but before that I was also seeking information on what are the right and wrong ways brands can go about doing the contest.

Top 5 Posts on Facebook Contest

1. Did you know there are about 5 types of Facebook contest? In this post by Aaron Lee shares information on the different kind of contests that brands can launch. And I love the ‘Video Contest’ part.

2. If you’re looking forward to create a Facebook Contest that stands out from the rest, this post by Rachel Sprung gives 4 ideas. They should help you create some stunning Contests that your visitor will love. The point on using location-based services has been explored by very few so far. That could be your ‘jackpot’ strategy.

3. How to get more participants? If that is a question that has been nagging you after the launch of Facebook Contest, this 5-Tips post by Julie Foley can help you. The tips are spot on and can help you drive better engagement on the contest. And ‘being visual’ always helps to stay better on Facebook Edgerank, so hit that design button.

4. A post on perfect Facebook Contest cannot be far away, but how about an Infographic. And I found one by ShortStack on this post by Jeremy Taylor. The infographic explores different elements to create a perfect contest for the brand. Well, I always love infographic, great way to depict the information.

5. Finally, what not to do in a Facebook Contest. Read this post by Jim Belosic on how not to commit some basic mistakes and get your contest taken down. Foremost, always read the Facebook guidelines before you hit the ‘publish’ button.

Having read through, go design and run a great contest!!

Your Turn

  • Have you run Facebook Contest for your brand(s)?
  • What have you learnt?

Share your answers over the comments below and will be glad to engage.

Photo Credit: marfis75 via photopin cc

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