Top 5 Post on Social Media Tools – Week #18

By | May 5, 2013

Social Media Tools

I have always been asked about the social media tools that help me manage my activities online. With new tools coming up everyday, it’s not easy to know about all of them. But I stick to few basic tools to help me manage most of my activities on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ et al.

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What I have learnt though is, not one tool will do everything you want. So, I usually end up picking different tools to manage different functions of my activity.

Those repeated inquiries do lead me to reading about the various social media tools getting recommended by some leading personalities and here’s the list of Top 5 Posts that I came across this week.

Top 5 Post on Social Media Tools

1. Google+ remains an enigma for most of the tools makers since they have limited API calls that the tools can make. This post by Aleh Barysevich gives us few social media tools that support Google+. Personally, I use ‘Do Share’ on multiple occasions to manage my activity on Google+

2. Ian Cleary shares a list of 21 social media tools and technology in this post. I would say this list is overwhelming and would cover most of your activities in the social space. And I frequently use Google Analytics, it’s such an amazing tool.

3. If Twitter Hashtags is what you dread of, this post by Saul Fleischman give 6 hash tag tools that can make your life better. I have always found TagDef to be a wonderful tool.

4. Love infographics?? Then you should read this post by Lilach Bullock where she share 15 awesome tools to help you create wow-some infographics. is a personal favorite too.

5. Finally, as marketer, we love managing content and this post by Genia Stevens gives us 4 Social Media tools for content management. My favorite here is the Buffer tool followed by Social Bro.

Your Turn

If you would like to share, this is the place to let me know which social media tools do you use to manage your online activities.

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 Photo Credit: UGArdener via photopin cc
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