Top 5 Posts on Writing Stunning Headlines – Week #19

By | May 13, 2013

HeadlinesAre you here because of the headline? Look at the images on the side. Newspapers headlines are the best way to learn the art of grabbing attention

If you are here because of the headline of this article, I consider my job as half done, because it as caught you attention and that is what good headlines should do other than having great content.

And in the other half, I am going to share few links that I feel are some very good articles on writing great headlines. I do see crafting headlines is an art, those articles have covered each bases very all.

Here you go…

Top 5 Posts on Writing Stunning Headlines

Post #1

One of the site I admire a lot is 12Most. It has got some powerful contributors and this post – ‘12 Most Snappy Headline Writing Tips For Your Blog‘ by Jayme Soulati gives some great tips. #8 is spot on as sometimes blogger tend to over do SEO and start writing for search engines rather than readers.

Post #2

How do you guage the importance of headlines??

Well, Brian Clark from Copyblogger has 11 posts dedicated to writing some great headlines. Head over to this amazing series of post starting here – How to Write Magnetic Headlines

And I am sure, at the end of that series, you are going to be a rock star in writing those amazing headlines.

Post #3

Barry Feldman echoes that exactly about being a media star by writing good headlines in this post. And I liked the way this article has been written. The first part about we being in the 1986 era, just blew me away!!

Post #4

On this post – How To: Create an Amazing Headline For Your Blog Post by Taylor Davies are six amazing techniques that will help you write better headlines. The point about using ‘adjectives’ and also using ‘pun’ caught my eyes. They are pretty powerful ways to grab the readers attention.

Post #5

And finally, let me share some easier but an exciting way to write peppier headlines. In this post – 45 Exciting Words to Spice up Your Blog Headlines by Alex you get some great key words. Guess what? I have bookmarked this post and plan to use much of those words going forward 🙂

I hope you find all of these links exciting and will help you craft some great headlines for your next post.

Do not miss to bookmark this post and visit all those links, am sure they are pretty helpful.

Your Turn

It’s over to you now. Please let me know your feedback about this post. The comment section is all yours! Let’s engage over –

  • Does this post really help you?
  • Were you able to write an amazing headline?
  • Share your next post?

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