Top 5 Post on New Google+ – Week #21

New Google+Probably you are not living in a ghost town and know that the new Google+ was unveiled last week. And with more than 300 million active users, it’s a platform to reckon with.

The new Google+ announced at the I/O 2013 Conference has since evoked lot of interest in the social media community. Be it the new 2 column interface, auto-hashtagging (a feature I love), photos and Hangout replacing Chats, the changes have stirred up some interesting debates.

So here we go with the weekly round up…

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Top 5 Posts on New Google+

Post #1

First up, what are the changes that Google+ announced at the I/O 2013. This post by Francis Bea rounds up 41 key changes that were shared during the conference day. With information on the new layout and auto-hashtagging, we might see more people adopting new Google+.

Post #2

On the second place, we have Sherry Nouraini walk us through the new Google+ features in her own weekly hangout ‘OpenSM’. Here’s the slide pack she had used during the hangout. I agree with her on the ‘Related Topics’ feature, it’s a great way to discover information which otherwise would have missed from our radar.

Post #3

On this third post, Om Malik along with Fred Gilbert share the behind the scenes effort on the new Google+. It’s interesting to hear the take on ‘flat design’ because the guys at Google wanted the content to shine through. And hence you see a gentle stream of updates and no menus on either sides. Amazing!!

Post #4

So this post by Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols gives a love, hate view of new Google+. Until I read the article, had not looked at the font issue though. While the point about no updates for Hangout is quite valid. Even I would have liked to hear about some Hangout Tweaks

Post #5

Finally, if you’re looking forward to build some audience around Google+, this video of Amy Walgenbach tips should help you a lot

Your Turn Now

1. What did you make out of the New Google+?

2. Which feature(s) did you like the most?

3. Will it increase adoption of Google+?

Share your views and it would be great to exchange thoughts.

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