Pinterest – The Platform Of Choice For Business [Infographic]

By | June 14, 2013

I have always wondered at the amount of innovation that happens at Pinterest. You should be following their blog to know how quick and intuitive they are about releasing new features.

The latest being few tips for Father’s Day!!

The virtues of Pinterest are now widely known. If you’re unaware of what it is, in a nutshell, it is a visual social media platform where you can share images.

The platform has been widely accepted for the ease with which you can share images, link them to content with those images and increase the life of your content, image.

In this infographic by Intuit, few reasons for being on Pinterest are shared:

  1. Showcase your products
  2. Targeting potential customers

Since this is an image sharing platform, the users are expected to share visually appealing content. That would,

  1. Improve amount of sharing
  2. Increase reach

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So if you’re in an industry, which is closely related to design or have product images which are very visually appealing, do give Pinterest a try!

Business on Pinterest – Infographic

Pinterest - The Platform of Choice for Business? Find Out [INFOGRAPHIC]
via: Pinterest – The Platform of Choice for Business? Find Out [INFOGRAPHIC]

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