Top 5 Posts on Facebook Updates – Week #24

By | June 23, 2013

Facebook UpdatesThe last couple of weeks have been quite tumultuous for social media. Facebook updates hogged the timelines and we saw people talking about hashtags and the ability to upload image in Facebook comments.

Like you all, even I was fascinated by all those Facebook updates and tried to use it one too many times.

I have been a perennial lover of hashtags, so when Facebook released the update, I was quick to adopt it. But when it came to using images on comments, well I thought it was kind of weird.

The only question – Why would you really want an image on a comment!!??

And then I read few articles around those Facebook updates and here I am sharing the ‘Top 5’

Top 5 Posts on Facebook Updates

1. So the first article of this week is by Veronika Fuleova and it covers ‘Everything you need to know about #Hashtags on Facebook‘. You MUST read the points about privacy since they can be critical while you do private posts.

2. Now, what would the Facebook update on hashtag mean for marketers. Arik Hanson shares his views in this article. Indeed, it would be great for marketers to track campaign. My view though is, we might increasing see it being overused by marketers and killing the entire essence of segregating conversations.

3. As business, what should you do though? Cheryl Conner‘s article at Forbes gives us a lowdown about it. She put it nicely – ‘Hashtags are ubiquitous‘ and with stats of ‘58 percent of respondents utilize hashtags on a regular basis, and 71 percent of regular hashtag users do so from their mobile devices‘ – business do not have a choice but to have a hashtag strategy.

Not much has been written though about the Facebook update on adding image to comment of reply and Facebook also turned the feature off after the day it was released and turn it on after some time. No one know what happened!!

4. So this article from Kevin Mullett about the ability to add image to comments gives us an idea about how few users would have adopted it. And rightly, he leaves us with a question on how you would adopt it?

5. And this intentionally remains blank, because I have not really found any worthy article about using image in comments update. You can share articles that would either help individual or brands leverage this feature. Till then, like many others, even I am skeptical about it’s usage.

Over to You

An action packed week, and if you missed the news about adding video to Instagram, read it. Though I have not yet been able to read much about it except the update.

  • Otherwise, what would you make up of all these fresh Facebook Updates?

  • Are they worth the efforts Facebook is putting in?

  • Will ‘hashtags’ make Facebook more Twitter like or will it remain different?

  • What about the ‘Images on Comments’ feature? Really worth?

Share your views in the comments below and we can engage over each of them.

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