Top 5 Posts on Facebook Ads – Week #27

By | July 7, 2013

facebook adsFacebook Ads is a trending topic among few around us here. If you look around your Facebook stream, it might be observed that this part of the world has been swarmed by multitudes of Facebook Ads – you can find anything from a needle to a Boeing (too much!! I know :))

Recently, I wrote about my own Facebook Ad experiment with Cake-O-Mania.  Along with my experiment and the reports that paid ad hit a CTR of 1% to 5% for large consumer brands, Facebook ads has got some serious conversions. And that had me wanted to learn more about the entire Facebook Ad ecosystem.

So here we are, talking about…

5 Post on Facebook Ads

1. So this post ‘The Facebook Advertising Ecosystem Explained‘ by Josh Luger should be your go-to guide in knowing everything about the entire ecosystem. Key poinst – Facebook offers 7 ways to advertise, you can switch to CPA instead of CPC ads and more. This post is classified MUST READ.

2. Another post that caught my eye was ‘What you need to know about new Facebook Ads‘ by Fred Perrotta. Great insights on what has changed from the last time you might have run the ad. Do read this article before you embark on the next ad campaign, since Facebook has made slew of changes recently that could effect the way how your ad is performing.

3. An article on Facebook should have reference to Jon Loomer, so this post ‘The Value of Facebook Ads‘ gives information. Am in agreement with him when he says ‘Facebook Ad Give your Brand a Jump Start’ since I saw the same results. Good post if you’re looking to explain your clients about the importance of ads.

4. Taking some contrarian views, Cooper Smith tells us how ‘Facebook Ads Still Lag Paid Search In Click-Through Rates‘. But as I see it, it depends on the type of industry that you belong to. Even Google Adsense CTR are pretty less for gaming and dating sites. But am thoroughly surprised that telecom is leading the pack as I always believed it will be general retail would lead the show.

5. Finally, in other view, Robert Hof explains the problem of plenty. In his post ‘Facebook’s Real Advertising Problem Isn’t Too Many Ads. It’s Too Many Lame Ads‘. But a recent update from Facebook tell that they are working towards killing irrelevant ads and that MAY solve this issues of ‘lame’ ads that say something and look differently.

So that was my list.

Your Turn

1.Do you believe in Facebook Ads?

2. What has been your experience with Facebook Ads?

3. Are your results different from what has been suggested in those posts?

The comments section is your place to engage with me and share your answers. Will be eager to have some great conversations over this topic.

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