4 Ways to Get Employees Blogging For You

By | July 12, 2013

EmployeeBlogging is increasingly being considered as a great branding strategy these days. With careful choice of topics, blogging effectively helps companies to get known as thought leaders. At my workplace, the adage goes like “Employees are your best brand ambassadors” and it’s great if you can get them to write for you. Since they know the organization’s pulse, employees are the best people to write on behalf of the brands.

Saying that, companies are finding it difficult to have regular blog posts owning to the fact that many do not have a team that writes regularly and not all employees are inclined to write. Hence, it’s challenging for these employees to write regularly and since this has to be done apart from their regular job it adds all the more pressure.

These folks need encouragement to blog and here are…

4 Ways to Get Employees Blog For You

1. Dedicated Blog Page Guidelines

Blogging guidelines is key to the success of any company’s campaign. It lays down rules the employees are expected to follow while writing a post. Key information like max length of post, type and size of fonts, type of content, etc can be mentioned in the guidelines.

2. List of Topics

You would not really like to have a post that describes the employees recent travel escapades. So it’s important that you share the list of topics the employees can write on. This list can be sent out monthly, quarterly depending on the post frequency you like them to adhere to. Sharing the list of topics early on also helps the interested employees to be focused and look out of interesting data point for that topic.

3. Visibility

Who doesn’t like to be a celebrity? Ensure each author get appropriate visibility. Share the name and photo of the employee in corporate mailers along with the gist of the blog post. Also share the same on companies internal and external social platforms. Increased visibility might encourage the employees to write often.

4. Incentivize

Nothing works better than a little incentive. I have seen companies giving ‘Pat on Back’ and similar award to employees who write regularly. Such gestures, even if they are small will surely encourage other employees to write too. Beware though, because employee should not be churning out posts just for the same of such incentives, because that might lead to some low quality posts. That is where point #1 comes handy too.

So here they were. Hope those points helps your company to get few employees on board to write great articles. If you’re looking at professional support, you can always write back to me.

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