Old SEO vs New SEO – #SEOTalk Topic

By | July 18, 2013

SEOTalk is India’s one of the most regular Twitter Chat and happens every Monday 8.30 PM India Time (+5.30 GMT). It has been a pleasure to co-host this along with Jaydip Parikh and we are fortunate to have some awesome folks who are around every week sharing interesting information.

This week, we had decided to talk about ‘Old SEO vs New SEO‘ and the topic indeed got many folks interested. No wonder we had some of the best participation and discussion spilled over the hour.

My key takeaways from this week were

1. Google will keep changing algorithms, focus on your content

2. Focus on quality links, not just links

3. Build Social Signals

4. Leverage Google Plus

5. New SEO = Social Engine Optimization

10 ‘Old vs New SEO’ Tweets That Stood Out









Your Turn

No wonder, we had some amazing thoughts in that one hour on SEOTalk. But then, what would be your thoughts about New SEO?

Photo Credit: Labnol

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