4 Twitter Pitfalls to Avoid

By | July 23, 2013

Twitter PitfallsMaybe Twitter is the best thing that has happened to brands. But somewhere in there, few Twitter pitfalls are ruining the experience of many users.

Sadly, few brands do not really understand the platform and consider Twitter as another marketing platform that they need to have presence on and forget rest of the content strategies. Resulting in irresponsible and many times bad communication with followers.

This post identifies 4 such Twitter Pitfalls that brands can avoid and remain better on Twitter

4 Twitter Pitfalls

1. Self-Promotion

I agree that brands need to share their message and given 140 characters to play with brands have to resort to lot of creativity in sharing their message. But then if brands are always talking about themselves aka self-promoting and not giving any other perspective or engaging with followers, they are doing everything wrong.

2. Overuse Hashtags

How many times have you see a message like – #Love #pendant, #follow #ABC #brand. #jewellery. Aargh!! Let me tell you, that’s the worst way of making your message discoverable. It’s very painful to the human eye to see all hashes out there and search for your message. Instead, innovate your message, and use not more than 2 hash tags in your tweet

3. Buying followers

Buying Twitter followers is a raging topic of discussion these days. We know many brands resort to this technique in order to convey the message that they are ‘popular’. But what they forget is 10 tweets will not have 100,000 followers.  Also tools like StatusPeople can also help identify the number of fake accounts (not sure about the results though). But regular users will quickly know that you’re masquerading and will desist from engaging. Sometimes even Twitter swoops down on such accounts and brand might see a sudden drop in number of followers. Instead, engage with followers and build your fanbase organically.

4. Not Responding or deleting negative comments

One of the biggest Twitter pitfall that brands often resort to is either not responding to follower and/or deleting negative comments. Each instance of any will obviously generate a negative opinion for the brand. The true essence of Twitter or any Social Platform is to be ‘Social’ and engage with followers. Ensure, you handle negative comments tactfully. And do not write anything derogatory about the follower.

Perhaps after reading this you will be able to avoid each of the above Twitter Pitfalls and rock your brand on Twitter.

What more you can do?

Yes, I need you to do something more.

1. Comment and share your views

2. Share any other Twitter pitfalls brand can avoid

Will be glad to see your comments and engage further.

Photo Credit: DUCKofD3ATH
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