5 Social Media Marketing Pitfalls To Avoid

Social Media Marketing PitfallsSeeing your friends and looking at other brands, you have decided to jump on the social media marketing bandwagon.

And there you find yourself flummoxed!!

How in the world are people doing it? There is so much that people are sharing and getting followers to talk with them.

Why is that not happening with you? Or maybe, because you would be wondering what content do I share on those platform and keep engaging.

While you may have already setup account on various platforms and looking at different audience on each platforms, it’s a big challenge to be active and interesting.

Or you’re already active but finding few takers for your messages?

I just hope that you avoid these…

5 Social Media Marketing Pitfalls

1. No or Bad Bio

The very first step in social media marketing effort is to define YOU in the social world. Having no or a bad bio is the worse part of the journey. People are interested to know who YOU are, where in this world are you and what you do. Ensure that you have the same message across each of the social platforms and share links between each platforms. Cover every bases well!

2. No Stories

Alright, you have setup your account, but that’s not the end of it. No one likes to stare at a blank Facebook Page or Twitter Account. Ensure you have enough content to share, before the start of your social media marketing efforts.

TIP: Gather enough content and using social media tools, share information at certain intervals. As your followers hear more from you, the chances of it getting shared across increases too.

3. No Conversations

So you have started sharing content and just do that. Whoops!!

The core of social media marketing is ‘social’ which means you engage with your followers. Use meaningful call-to-actions in your message and elicit response from the followers. And once you get that, ensure that you respond to them in earliest possible time.

4. Marketing in Auto Mode

While I talked about virtue for automation in #2, that doesn’t mean every conversation should be in the auto mode. I had listened to Guy Kawasaki say this – “I share lot of messages using the auto-schedule modes in the tools, but I respond in real”

So ensure, that while you respond to followers, it’s not in the auto mode but send out a real response and engage with them. Don’t we hate answering machines for the same reasons!!

5. Too Many Messages

Yes, there is indeed something like too many messages too! If you are sending 100 messages in less than an hour, you are spamming the platform. It wouldn’t take me a moment to unfollow you if I knew there would be message bomb.

Limit the quantity of shares but improve the quality.

Your Turn

1. What other Social Media Marketing pitfalls can you think of?

Photo Credit: Alex E. Proimos


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