64 Google+ Content Strategies to Master [Infographic]

Ace your Google+ Content Strategies!!

The statement above should be enough to catch your attention. If you are not active on Google+, you are missing the massive power that Google gives.

Many of us in the industry firmly believe that businesses and individuals have to be on Google+ now and start leveraging the platform. On their part, Google is indeed trying hard to woo people on to Google+ by bringing out innovative features.

And you have to believe in me when I say that Google is trying to create an entire ecosystem around search and social. The way they are looking at your content, at proper attribution and giving importance to content that is on Google+, it’s imperative that your content strategies should involve Google+

And here are 64 ways you can…

Build Content Strategies to Master Google+

You can start with the most basic,

1. Setting up the right kind of profile

2. Having great image

3. Building authorship over your content

4. Leveraging the power of Communities

5. Engaging via Hangouts

6. Emphasizing posts using bold, italic or strike-through features


64 Google+ Content Strategies [Infographic]

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Your Turn

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