5 Basic Social Media Terms You Should Know

By | August 22, 2013

Social Media Terms

How often do you find yourself reading some social media terms and wondering what it meant? These days, may stories and conversations are littered with reference to those terms across multiple platforms.

Without any standard definition, we are often in a situation where a story with all those social media terms might not actually convey the right message. And we are left with doing some guessing games.

Worry not, there is a group of people who are trying to consolidate those definitions and have come up with few standards that can be leveraged further.

Have picked up definitions for some basic social media terms. You might also want to pick up this ‘The Ultimate Glossary‘ by Hubspot. With about 120 terms explained, no other posts can explain it better.

5 Basic Social Media Terms

1. Mention

A ‘mention’ is reference to a brand or person being measured. MENTION is usually referred to when the brand or person is being measured for reach. It is easily, the most quantifiable term for monitoring.

2. Impression

IMPRESSION is the expected number of people who would see the item. It is the gross number of views an item can possibly get by adding the audience.

The biggest drawback of this metric is the possible duplicity of the audience, since the same individual could be following multiple accounts.

3. Reach

REACH is the number of unique reach for the item. It essentially remove the duplicates from IMPRESSIONS. According to the standards definition – Reach represents the POTENTIAL opportunities to see.

4. Engagement

ENGAGEMENT is defined as some kind of interaction between brands and/or individuals. It can be as simple as a ‘like’ or ‘+1’ on the item or can even be comments or reshare of the item.

5. Conversation

CONVERSATION is taking engagement further level up. It would mean discussion about the brand/individuals. They can be more meaningful dialogue and could take form of online or offline articles, comments.

I believe these 5 are the commonest social media terms being used across multiple platforms. They do manifest into multiple forms on each platforms but the basic tenets remain the same.

Your Turn

1. What social media terms do you find intriguing??

2. You would have a different definition other than the above?


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