Social Behavior – Mapping Madness [Infographic]

By | September 13, 2013

Social Behavior is being tracked quite fervently now.

Brands are looking to get big bang for their bucks quickly, so what better than knowing what the customer wants. And hence they are tracking the social behavior very closely.

Is it helping though?? A quick look at this infographic reveals:

1. We are still not open to share personal details over social channels. A whooping 75% object to sharing private data

2. If you thought, ‘Likes’ and +1’s would influence decisions, well only 12% of the users are influenced

3. And this is BIG, nearly 50% users do not care about images in search.

4. Facebook‘s popularity among youngsters is less and it is confirmed by this stats that it’s not a preferred platform of choice for 18-30 generation. But am not sure, how Orkut has gone there.

5. Surprisingly, nearly 70% of the users still do not use Facebook’s Search option

Read other interesting stats on the following infographic…

Social Behavior Infographic

Social Behavior(Infographic Courtesy: iacquire)

 What you can do now?

1. Share your views on the Infographic above?

2. What do you make out of the current Social Behavior?

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