Personal Branding with Shivam Dhawan

By | October 2, 2013

personal brandingThis week on #SEOTalk we had Shivam Dhawan talking about Personal Branding.

Shivam was earlier featured on Slideshare with his wonderful presentation on Personal Branding and we were lucky to get him talk about his favorite topic on our chat. Well it was indeed a whirlwind of a chat and the hour flew past us pretty quickly.

Key Takeaways from the session

1. Personal branding has been around, but it’s more ‘social’ and ‘mobile’ now

2. Personal Branding is more like Inbound Marketing

3. Personal Branding is based on 4 factors – Awareness, Trust, Reputation and Perception

4. Take care of your brand online as well as offline

5. You should spend efforts in creating a Personal Brand, it helps while promotions, switching jobs and many other places.

6. Write introductions in third person, so that search engine can index your name

7. Arbunize is developing a product to monitor brand impact

Here are some interesting tweets from the event.

Personal Branding with Shivam Dhawan

Q. Why personal branding, why now?


Q. How do we see ourselves as brands?



Q. How do we take care of our brand image?



Q4. Is it worth spending an effort on?



Q. Any tips that we could use?



Q. How do we monitor our brand impact? Or measure our Personal Brand?





And that was it!!

Your Turn

1. What are your views about Personal Branding?

2. How much efforts do you put in building your personal brand?

Image Credit: Deviantart

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