10 Blog Productivity Tools to Use Now

By | November 19, 2013

Blog Productivity ToolsToday you probably attend online courses or read posts or listen to various podcasts in order to improve blog productivity. Each talk about dozens of ways you can improve and get your task done.

From my experience, it’s really not easy to churn articles day in and day out. I have taken multiple challenges to write daily and over time, those challenges have helped me find out tricks and tools to improve my blog productivity.

Though I am not saying that by using these tools you’ll immediately start churning articles every day. But what I intend to convey is, these tools will aid you in capturing ideas and keeping focus on writing great content.

For sake of simplicity, I have arranged those blog productivity tools in 3 buckets.

Blog Productivity Tools

1. Focus

Productivity Owl

Productivity OwlWith all the Facebook, G+ and Twitter friends seeking your attention, it’s very easy to while away when you should actually be focusing on the task at hand. Productivity Owl has been my perfect companion to keep those tabs away. The easy to use interface allows be to define my ‘free’ time. It also allows me to define the sites that I consider would be taking my time away.

P.S: It’s still a Chrome extension only

2. Managing Content

Read Later/Evernote

These browser extensions allow you to store links, content at the click of the mouse. The likes of Evernote can even sync with other devices and provide you with a seamless experience. Add to that the capability to segregate your links, notes, etc.


These are my favorite tools to read and search for content. Scoop.it has been a go-to site for a long time and have advocated it earlier too. And with Flipboard’s visual treat and ability to create magazines, content curation is becoming a breeze.


And every morning, I just dive into Feed.ly to check out all of the awesome RSS feeds that I have subscribed. It did take me a while to adapt to feed.ly and I never missed Google Reader for that matter. So if you’re looking for a no-fuss RSS reader, this tool has got 5-stars from my side.


One tool that I use very frequently. Taking a snapshot of the screen has become so easy with this tool. It has the ability to capture anything from the screen and you can have the screen capture in form of image or video.

3. Sharing

Social sharing is a key component in the blog productivity lifecycle. While producing content is one part, sharing and making it discoverable is a bigger task.

Save Publishing

Thus this tool, a simple extension that resides on your browser is a great help. Share Publishing picks up key content from your article and turns it into ‘title’ of a tweet. So, effectively it saves your time and can create multiple titles for the same article.


Another tool that I have been using for a long time now. Dlvr.it automates sharing of your content across multiple social networks – Facebook, Twitter, Linked. Using this tool, you do not have to worry about pushing the content and couple that with stats about the share.


How many times have you wanted a bit of automation – saving of feeds to Evernote, taking a look at the weather or even post on behalf of you? If you have want these or actions from about 73 odd channels, then IFTTT (an abbreviation of ‘If This Then That’) is the tool for you.


Who doesn’t know buffer?? I have hardly known anyone who is not a fan of this tool. As they describe it and we all agree –

Buffer shares your content at the best possible times throughout the day so that your followers and fans see your updates more often

One of the best tools to share without specifying a time and it’ll pick up the best times of the day to share your content based on the activity of your followers, thus giving your content the maximum exposure.

So there we go, with my list of favorite tools that improve blog productivity.

Your Turn

Tell us your 3 favorite blog productivity tools and I shall feature you in the next post or you can even send me a guest post of your favorite tools. Sounds good??

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