Social Media Marketing for B2B [Infographic]

By | January 23, 2014

Social Media Marketing for a B2B company is a big challenge. Unlike traditional B2C companies they do not have direct access to end consumers and thus building awareness is tough.

I have often heard from folks in B2B companies saying social media marketing is not working for us and we will have to invest in other marketing tactics.

While more than 80% of marketers in B2B companies use social media, truth is, most of them do not leverage the platforms in a right way. With more platforms to be present at, the folks are unsure of the goals and do not know how to capture attention of the 2-minute generation. Thus, their messages are often bland and uninspiring, resulting in very less engagement.

Is there a right way? May be, but that’s for another discussion. But how are they doing now?

The infographic below does indicate that Twitter and LinkedIn are the platforms of choice for B2B marketers and nearly 85% of the folks leverage Twitter to spread the message. Though Facebook and YouTube are not too far behind.

Key information

  1. Marketers using Twitter generate double the leads
  2. 82% of employees say they trust the company more when their CEO & leadership team communicates via Social Media
  3. 83% of companies invest in social media marketing to raise awareness of the brand
  4. Only 26% of B2B marketers use Pinterest

 Social Media Marketing Infographic

 social media marketing

Infographic Courtesy: Spotlight Communication

Your turn

1. Which platform would you recommend to B2b companies for social media marketing?

2. Can we see Google+ becoming important?

Share your views in the comments below!

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