5 Free Blogging Tools to Help You Blog Better

By | February 23, 2014

5 Blogging ToolsBlogging tools are a great help for bloggers. It helps make their life easier and improve the quality of their articles.

When I started blogging, much of my time went into finding subject that would entice my readers, finding appropriate images and writing the right content. And if you’re a blogger too, then you could be probably looking for some help on each of these.

So over the years of blogging, I have come across few bloggin tools that help me complete those tasks much quicker than I would be doing previously.

It’s without a doubt that I have tried many different blogging tools and still continue to try a few, but these five have stayed with me over time. Hopefully, they help you too.

5 Free Blogging Tools

1. Title Generator

What makes you read an article??

Without a doubt, it’s the heading!!

Writing powerful headings has been known as one of the most important strategy for any content writer. What if you could get some help??

The ‘Title Generator‘ tool is just that! Give your keywords and it’ll generate different headlines based on various interest.

2. Photopin

The next challenge for bloggers is to find the right image for the article.

One of the most common mistakes I have seen people do is, find images from Google Search and have it on their blog. That is not right!! Not all images from Google are free to use.

And Photopin helps in that. You can easily search royalty-free, Creative Common images from Flickr and use it on your blog.

Few other alternatives are – freedigitalphotos.net and pixabay.com

3. Canva/PicMonkey

Now, if you’d like to create your own image or would like to edit an image or have an overlay – Canva or PicMonkey are the best online photo-editors one could have.

The best part of these tools is, there is little or no learning curve associated. The templates are so self-explanatory, even the novice user can pick up very fast.

4. PolishMyWriting

Coming to the content part as it is the king. Knowing your verbs and adjectives is very much essential for the bloggers or any content writer.

The ‘PolishMyWriting’ or ‘After The Deadline’ tool checks for spelling, style and grammar of the content and will underline the erroneous content.

5. FocusBooster

With social media all around us, keeping focus has becoming a major challenge.

Focus Booster is a pomodoro app that will keep the timer running on your system and will sound the alarm at 25 minutes (that is amount of time you should work on a certain task and then take a break)

And the last words…

1. What do you think about those tools? Any of your favorites listed here?

2. Which blogging tools would you recommend?

Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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