3 Content Hack Ideas To Create Quick Posts [Infographic]

By | March 18, 2014

Content Hack Ideas??

You know they are pretty much helpful when it comes to creating content quickly.

More often than not, many of us have hit a writer’s block (yes, it happens to many of us) but are staring at a deadline and want to write that post quick.

Or we are looking for ideas but are just clueless on what works best for your readers.

Than those content hack should make your task easy.

And if you practice this much often, who knows, you can easily come up with much more content ideas.


This is one of my first infographic, until now I had picked up infographic from my fellow bloggers and had leveraged their work. If you find the work nice enough, don’t mind sharing it further.

Content Hack Ideas

1. News Hack

This technique helps pretty much when you’re in an industry where news happens everyday.

  • Set up alerts pertaining to your industry
  • Track specific keywords on Social Media Sites
  • Quickly create content about the breaking news

2. Problem-Solution

In this technique, you look out for problems in your industry. Look at what people are asking.

  • Scan sites like Quora for questions
  • Develop a solution
  • Write a post starting with ‘How To…’

Remember the Google Hummingbird update, Google will love all those ‘How To’ kind of post since it solves some problem which people would be searching for.

3. Follow the Leaders

Yes, stalk them. See what they are reading, who they interact with & learn.


  • Go to their content
  • Look at the archives & pick up a post you like
  • Attempt to write it better and give your perspective


Content Hack

Stick this to your pinboard and you’ll never run out of ideas.

And if you’d like…

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