Google Penalizes PostJoint Now [News]

By | April 19, 2014

According to the latest news PostJoint another blogger outreach platform is heard to have been hit by Google penalty.

This comes on the back of other big blogger outreach platform MyBlogGuest being hit by penalty about a month back.

After the MyBlogGuest episode, the folks at PostJoint had written a blog post stating how they were different and said

We’ve always been concerned about footprints, so from day one we’ve had a unique no browsing approach, where nobody can browse or crawl through our site list or user base. Our technology is built from the ground up with a zero footprints principle in mind. Compare this to MBG which is essentially a modified forum that anyone could join and you’ll start to understand the fundamental differences

Then what happened??

Was PostJoint Different?

As Matt Cutts says in this tweet, may be they were not too different.

PostJoint has indeed proclaimed that they were a blogger outreach platform but did it in a different way. The bloggers on the network were paid by advertisers and that meant paid links and content. Now, that is a red flag for Google.

PostJoint Penalized

Earlier today, while clearing some SEO myths, Matt Cutts talked about guest-blogging again and he said –

Submitting articles to PR directories or guest blogging or link wheels are fads and how each of these are bad ideas if not done ethically.

Which brings us to the question, is there an ethical way to guest blogging?

Yes there is. But I believe, any form of unnatural guest blogging will indeed come up in the eye of Google as spam, so be careful of where you are doing it.

Will we see actions similar to MyBlogGuest or PostJoint again?

Am sure we might see more such activity as Google is trying to discourage people from posting spammy content.

What is your take on the latest episode?

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