#Blab2Learn Recap – Real Marketers Build Communities w/Jessie Paul

By | November 15, 2015

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What do real marketers do?

No they don’t spam, they don’t go around with salesy messages, they build communities.

On Blab2Learn we were excited to have Jessie Paul talk about this topic and why she thought it’s important for real marketers to build communities.

Right into the show, Jessie exclaimed that social media is so 2010 and today’s customer have moved on from doing social to really finding answers. Customers today know how to use the social mediumĀ  pretty well – they use Twitter as a complaint medium, Facebook as a medium to announce their buying decisions driving commercial engagements but many brands have still not woken up and use these mediums as outbound communication only.

According to Jessie, very few have matured and are using as inbound communication medium.

But apart from that, after accumulating followers, what are brands doing to engage with them, how are they enhancing loyalty. Very few have answers to this.

Jessie believes, that where the real marketers come into focus. They look at opportunities to increase engagement, improve loyalty and provide answers to real questions.

The other important point Jessie states is about building community on your OWN platform rather than depending upon platforms like Facebook, Linkedin, Google etc. I agree with her reasons – on other platforms, you’re dictated by their TOS. So if someone decides to change the way how a group is list, either public or private, what members can see, etc, you as a group owner have no control over it.

During the show, my co-host Falguni also asked Jessie about her journey from IIM Calcutta to Agency to IT company.

No, I am not going to reveal what Jessie spoke about her journey, catch on the recording at the Blab2Learn replay.

Real Marketers Build Communities

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