Whoops! Influencer Marketing Gone Wrong

By | December 28, 2015

influencer marketing gone wrong

Influencer Marketing is slowly becoming an integral part of any brand’s marketing campaign these days. Though, the problem is, very few brands are able to get it right. This Indian brand is facing a lot of fury now.

Imagine this, brand is launching a product, the product could create disruption in the market, announces big celebrity as a brand ambassador, announces launch in a close group, has a big event lined up AND post event, influencers will tweet congratulatory messages!

Sounds like a perfect plan!

The CMO has approved it, the agency has finalized the list of influencers – they are biggest names in the country, each having a reach probably over 100k.

Yay! This could be the best launch ever. Looks fabulous ‘on paper’.

And the morning after the launch!

Twitteratis wake up to tweets from their favorite accounts congratulating the brand on successful launch, all is well!

Wait, what is this!?

Twitteratis are puzzled, tweets from the influencer accounts look all the same! The messages read the same, all of them.

influencer marketing fail


Yes, that has just happened to the Influencer Marketing campaign of Reliance Jio. And as I talk, there’s one more hash tag that is trending and the same tactics are being deployed.

Dear Brand & Agencies – This is the perfect example on how NOT to do Influencer Marketing. The collective intelligence of Twitterverse is much more than what you imagine it to be.

What you just did is called spamming of the worse kind!

Influencer Marketing the Right Way

While each agency will have a list of ‘influencers’, they will also have their own way of doing it. But in a nutshell, the way it would work is:

  1. Identify the target audience
  2. Create a list of influencers
  3. Create a message and personalize for each influencers – It’s important to tailor your strategies to have optimum reach & impact
  4. Monitor and measure
  5. Take action – stop immediately if you’re getting negative press

I believe that for this campaign, steps 3, 4 & 5 have been given a complete miss. Even while there is an outcry against the previous hashtag, we find the brand & agency doing a hara-kiri with yet another campaign.

Your thought??

Where do you think they have erred?

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