Campaign Review – Fueled By Love

By | March 3, 2016

Couple of weeks back my social media TL was filled with an India centric video campaign titled Fueled by Love from British Airways. I did let it pass for a day, but given the number of shares, I did get intrigued and dived right into it.

The next 7 minutes were quite heartwarming and it gave me a sneak peek into a unique story-telling approach to marketing. The ad showcased the Indian culture of loving people, the deep bonding they have in families, mutual respect for cultures, etc.

Campaign Fueled By Love – What is it?

The ad is actually based on a true story and has been directed by Neeraj Ghaywan of the Masaan fame. The story is about an air-hostess Helena, who has been assigned to fly to India and this would be her first time experiencing the country. While she was excited to take up this trip, she way equally nervous given the enormity of the task and difference in culture.

On her first flight to the country, she has a chance meeting with an old lady, who is flying back to India. Throughout the flight, she helped the old lady with various tasks like tying the seat belt, helping her with wearing socks, having small talk with her and making the old lady comfortable. That small talk when the old lady is missing her son during the flight is the cornerstone of the entire ad. It’s with this small talk that the air-hostess makes the old lady comfortable and develops a deep bond between them. campaign fueled by love

That followed by the old lady inviting the air-hostess to her house and giving a glimpse of Indian warmth and hospitality – food and dance recital. The most touching moments were when the old lady packs lunch for Helena and gives a hand-crafted handkerchief as a gift.

I have always been advocating brands to have an emotive connect with the consumers and this ad is a perfect example of how it can be done.

The director does a fine job with the ad by connecting lives of people from two different culture, age and showcases how British Airways training on attention to finer details like mutual respect for traditions, deep understanding of  country like India makes them one of the best airline to fly on.

If you still have not seen the ad, do it now! It’s the best example of ‘Story-telling’ approach to ads.

Your Turn?

What are your thoughts on the campaign and the story telling approach?

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