Better PPC Campaigns – #SEOTalk Recap

ppc campaigns

On the recent SEOTalk Twitter Chat, we discussed about PPC Campaigns and various strategies to make them successful.

PPC Campaigns form an essential element as part of any marketing campaign. They play a key role in targeting appropriate consumers and attracting relevant traffic.

So it is imperative for brands to constantly optimize their campaigns and keep aligning to it’s goals. Hence most of the campaigns are iterative in nature giving benefits of optimization.

The challenge though is, there and multiple misconceptions around PPC and it is more often than no equated with fraudulent practices.

And now the advent of display and mobile ads has added one more dimension to complexity. Brands have to increasingly look at optimizing for devices and display networks.

With all such challenges and questions, we dived into the SEOTalk community seeking answers to questions like –

  1. What is the importance of PPC Campaigns in digital marketing?
  2. What are the common mistakes in PPC Campaigns?
  3. Keyword Strategy is vital for PPC, what are the best practices?
  4. How can one improve the quality score of a PPC Campaigns
  5. When should one use “Search Network Only’ vs ‘Search Network with Display’?
  6. Why are extensions important for better PPC?
  7. What combination of tools would you recommend to track a PPC Campaign?

Check out the transcripts for answers to each of the questions put out here.

Better PPC Campaigns Transcripts

Your Turn

  1. What are you thoughts on PPC Campaigns?
  2. How can brands make the best use of it?
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