How Social Media is Ruining Our Minds – Infographic

Social Media Ruining Minds
Social Media Ruining Minds

How Social Media is Ruining our minds

Social media has exploded on a global scale. All this technology at our fingertips certainly has its advantages, but is social media also ruining our minds? A 140 character world may be convenient, but how does such a fast-paced, give me the gist of it world impact the rest of our lives? According to several recent studies, our social media-obsessed world could be having a profound effect on the human mind. The average attention span has dropped from 12 minutes to just five minutes now – and that’s only from a decade ago. Our social world has also had an impact on the way we communicate, interact with others, multi-task, and our ability to focus. A shorter attention span, for example, translates to a lack of concentration. Even the temptation to check your email or update your social status throughout the day can have an impact on your brain. Every time you start a new task, your brain has to reorient itself. Taking a break to check email, post a tweet, or see what videos your friends posted to YouTube breaks your concentration. This means less productive work. Granted, social media can be great for self-promotion. This is especially helpful when seeking a job. It’s really a double-edged sword. For every benefit of our social world, there are adjustments our brains have to make. These “adjustments” have an impact on everything we do – even when we’re not connected to any Internet-based device. This infographic highlights all of these issues on a broader scale by showing how Social Media might in fact be ruining our minds.

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