Guest Post Guidelines

Good to know that you’re interested to do a guest post on my blog. We are sure that you write very well, but then there are few guidelines that I live by on this blog and expect my guest bloggers to follow too.

#1 Purpose

If this is your first time here, drop me a mail stating the purpose for doing a guest post on That would really help me in driving the marketing strategy for the guest post.

#2 Subject

As you see, this blog is all about Social Media and it’s various strategies. If your guest post is anything beyond that, chances are, it will not get published.

#3 Content Size

Much of the content I write is from 300 words and maxes out at 1000 words. If you have content that goes beyond 1000 words, we can talk and make a series of post.

#4 Images

I understand that images speak better than words but can’t build a story around 10 images!! Limit to about 2-3 relevant images in the post and we are good to go!

#5 Attribution

Image attribution is a must. Also, if you’re referring content from other writers, make sure it is attributed as well. You know, how much we all hate content scrapers!

#6 Backlinks

As my guest blogger, I promise backlinks to your personal profile or your company page (I still prefer personal profile). Please ensure that your Bio contains at least 1 and at the maximum 2 backlinks.

Being in this field for a long time and knowing my audience well, all articles will be judged for quality. If the guest post doesn’t fit, I’ll kindly revert with a denial mail.