How Linkedin Algorithm Works?

How Linkedin Algorithm Works

Linkedin has over 800m users & over 300m are daily active users. It is one of the most frequented professional social network & every day folks are trying to master the Linkedin Algorithm.

Not easy though, with tons of content being produced by many users, we often face difficulties in finding the right content. And then we also hear – ‘Oh this is not Facebook, what are you folks posting’

Many have also seen the platform becoming a place for virtue signalling, not that those stories should not be shared but how many of them are real. Most often such stories are to generate engagement.

Why the authors look for engagement, that would be a story for the next post but what is worthwhile to note is, these authors have cracked the Linkedin Algorithm.

But at the same time, we also have plethora of Linkedin ‘gurus’, who keep on preaching that they know ‘growth hacks’ which will help your content gain engagement and such folks keep on peddling certain myths.

Good folks at Linkedin have caught on this misinformation & if you have not seen yet, released few posts titled ‘Mythbusting the Feed’.

The series is being narrated by their VP of Engineering, Sabry Tozin & covers:

  1. Mythbusting the Feed: Helping our members better understand LinkedIn
  2. Mythbusting the Feed: How the Algorithm Works and Personalizing the Feed
  3. Mythbusting the Feed: Content Distribution and How We Work to Address Bias (yet to be released)

Explaining Linkedin Algorithm

Each of the posts have series of videos that are explaining how the system works in the background.

The videos cover variety of common questions like –

  • What shows up in the feed & why
  • How algorithm works
  • How we can control what we see on the feed

and more..

Most of the answer are pretty much of common-sense I would say because as many of us would know, it is important to only connect with folks which are similar to our persona. Once that is done, you engage with their content with either a like, comment or share.

In my experience though, if we have to weigh each engagement then the value of share would be greater than a comment & a comment would be greater than a ‘like’. And that’s a thumbhole I follow when evaluating the success of my social media campaigns.

What I found interesting in this series (this was covered in the second post), was the mention of Linkedin Groups. Personally, I believe Linkedin Groups are dead, almost all groups that I know of have hardly any activity. Do let me know if you feel so too.

Also there was something that I disliked, while explaining how the algorithm works, the first point mentioned how the platform suggests you jobs. Here, I would like to see the USP of Linkedin to become a ‘jobs’ related social network, it could be one of the ‘useful’ feature, rather the focus should have been on how the algorithm can help users become better ‘professionals’

Do check out the series, should help you bust some myths

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