About Me

Malhar Barai

An award-winning marketer who helps brands scale their reach, improve recall & increase sales by leveraging integrated marketing campaigns

Fractional CMO & Marketing Specialist

Hola from Malhar Barai!

I usually introduce myself as an “Accidental Marketer” with over 2 decades of Tech & Marketing experience with relentless curiosity.

I am a Senior Director of Marketing for Affle and previously worked with brands like Tech Mahindra, Symphony Services, etc as part of their tech & marketing team crafting many successful campaigns (and learning much more from the unsuccessful campaigns too). I also consult VC-funded startups on marketing and growth. As a way of giving back to the society, whatever I have learnt, I have co-founded & co-host of #SEOTalk, India’s first Twitter based community on digital marketing.

With a background in Technology where I co-authored a book on ‘Service Oriented Architecture using Java’, I find the current trend of ‘marketing technologist’ very close to my interest.

I like to research, talk and share knowledge about Marketing through blogging, consulting & speaking assignments focusing on brand, content, digital marketing.

As a speaker, I have spoken at multiple places as well as appeared on videos/podcast with geniuses in marketing. Some of the places where you could find me:

  1. Social Media Day – Vadodara & Ahmedabad
  2. IIM Trichy, Sirmaur
  3. IIT Delhi
  4. ADP Conference – Pune
  5. Semrush India Event

Reach out to me for:

  1. Speaking
  2. Consulting
  3. Marketing Audit/Brand Audit
  4. Collaboration