Top 5 Posts on Facebook Home for Week #14

By | April 8, 2013

Facebook Home Top FiveUndoubtedly the top news of the week was the launch of Facebook Home. Whether that was a masterstroke by Zuckerberg or a dud, only time can tell. As I see it, Facebook Home is a great move and potentially a bigger challenge to Google by having it launch on Android Platform. While the users get a chance to see their timeline on the home screen of their phones, it has got people talking about the privacy aspect too, but I am sure that Facebook is aware about all the privacy concerns and “may” address it soon.

So this post aims to cover the news, the features, the take on privacy and few other interesting information surrounding Facebook Home.

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Top 5 Posts on Facebook Home

1. The big news first and I would like to quote the big brother of Technology CNET here for this review about Facebook Home. It’s good to see that the lifeless home screen would be a thing of past, but what I loved was the round chat heads. So if you have not heard of the big news, this post will give you an idea of everything Zuckerberg talked that day.

2. The privacy issue was sure to come up since Facebook announcement and Om Malik was at his scathing best on his review about the Facebook Home Event in this post. No wonder that Facebook will be tracking all your moves and his observations were quite spot on.

3. Over the week, Facebook’s plan to invade the home screen and the noise about it’s privacy and all things related did gather some steam. In this post ‘Facebook Home privacy explained by social network‘ by Chris Smith, Facebook has answered few questions and “debunked” few myths. Read Facebook’s answers there.

4. But since, we’re the social media guys, the things that would interest us is the additional avenue for our brands to get closer to the consumers. The exact thoughts were echoed by Jennifer Beese in this post ‘Facebook Home: The Future of Social Advertising?‘ I totally agree that we have just come one more step closer to ‘Social Advertising’.

5. Finally the last post is about what you CAN DO with Facebook Home. This article by Jim Edwards noted 4 things you can do with the new app. Yes, it can surely do some cool stuff. Read the post to see what these are 🙂

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Your Turn

1. Your views about Facebook Home?

2. Will privacy be a big issue has its being talked about?

Share your thoughts on these using the comments below.

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