Checklist to Evaluate your Facebook Page [Infographic]

Okay, you have heard about the new Facebook Graph Feature and read various posts around it but what about your Facebook Page. How will it affect brands and what do they do with the existing activities? While the experts have lined up for the beta invite, I thought why not explore few ways to evaluate the existing Facebook Page.

This infographic by ShortStack tries to help you exactly with that. The infographic covers the importance of various sections of the Facebook Page and the importance of right photos, including other content.

Facebook Page have a great ability to build or bury a brand. Apart form all the points below, it’s essential that you follow a good content strategy plan and leverage on the various features Facebook provides – Scheduling, Insights, etc.

Facebook Page Infographic

Evaluate Facebook Page

Hope you like the infographic and the ways explained there in.

Your Turn

Yes, we would like to hear your take about managing Facebook Page and the recent Graph Search.

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