Are You A Social Media Influencer? Think Again

Social Media Influencer – How many times have you read this on numerous bios and wondered what they are? Last week, as I was going through my Facebook Stream, stumbled upon this post by a good friend Prasant Naidu. Twitter Bio: #I #am #a #social #media #influencer.I have 1100+ followersI follow 1000+ people Posted by […]

Linkedin To Introduce Remarketing

Remarketing, while not a new concept, it has been made very popular by all the e-commerce companies off late. Try searching for a product on any e-commerce site and leave without making a purchase, you most probably will see an ad stalking you over any site you go. The purist in advertising hate remarketing since […]

Sunday Six: The Panda 4.0 Conundrum

Panda 4.0 was released last week and this release has been talked much from the Payday Loan 2.0 perspective. Google is rolling out our Panda 4.0 update starting today. — Matt Cutts (@mattcutts) May 20, 2014 The current release targets spammy queries and I already see many folks over my social network complaining about loss of traffic. But […]

Sunday Six: All About Vic Gundotra

Vic Gundotra is leaving Google. Rather stale news by now. But the best part was, he posted about it in his Google+ stream with an ‘And then’ update. As head of Google I/O and Google+, Vic was pretty instrumental in making Google+ mainstream and driving it’s adoption. Unfortunately, the departure is indeed creating some negative […]

Google Penalizes PostJoint Now [News]

According to the latest news PostJoint another blogger outreach platform is heard to have been hit by Google penalty. This comes on the back of other big blogger outreach platform MyBlogGuest being hit by penalty about a month back. After the MyBlogGuest episode, the folks at PostJoint had written a blog post stating how they […]

Sunday Six: The New Twitter Profile

The week was inundated by news of Twitter profiles getting a big update. And the most talked about aspect was it’s similarity with Facebook profile. At first thought, you can hardly see a difference between the two. Understandably, Twitter understood the importance of big images and so we now see a large cover picture that […]

Retargeting on Facebook [Infographic]

Retargeting of ads have taken the marketing world by a storm. We are witness to ads showing up on our screen based on recent visits to some brands. For many it’s a big nuisance since they always feel being stalked by a brands. But from brands perspective, retargeting is a necessary evil. For them, it’s […]

Number of Facebook Users Crosses 100M in India [Report]

The number of Facebook users crossed 100M in India as announced yesterday by Javier Olivan to Economic Times. The numbers are second only to US which still tops the table at 184M. India number though nudged Brazil to third position with about 80M users. This increase is quite significant as it moved from just 8M […]

Which Facebook Photos Will Go Viral [STUDY]

Facebook Photos are a rage. Everyday millions of photos are uploaded on Facebook with a prayer that friends and followers will ‘Like’ them and hardly few of the prayers are answered. As the Edgerank suggested earlier, Facebook Photos plays a very important role in the success of any brand’s content strategy. Everyone wonders – What […]