Join us on Blab2Learn

It’s another first! We are shortly launching #Blab2Learn, a 30 minute blab about all things digital marketing for the first time from India. Blab2Learn will be live every Wednesday 9:30 PM India time, 12 noon EST. My partner in crime this time is the wonderful Dr. Falguni Vasavada Oza. Why Blab2Learn? We had to succumb […]

Big Data is Sexy

Is big data still a buzzword or is it for real? Wikibon expects the Big Data market to top $84 billion in 2026, which represents a 17% compound annual growth rate over the 15 year period beginning in 2011 This means, it’s beyond a point of just being a buzzword and data being a big conundrum […]

Top 5 Posts on Twitter Wallpaper Removal

If you are someone who logs in to Twitter web account, you might have noticed the silent removal of wallpaper. This happened last week and many of the posts online point out to the fact that the users are livid on such a move. It is being widely speculated that Twitter will start pushing ads […]