Blogging in 2021 – Will it survive?

Blogging is dead. No one reads blogs now. You should invest in Vlog instead. Don’t we hear these all the times? Do you think blogging in 2021 will still be relevant? Will it survive? YES. It’s more than a decade that I have been writing blogs and almost every year I keep hearing about demise […]

Google Introduces Web Stories [New Feature]

If Instagram can have Stories, Twitter can have Fleets why should Google be left behind. So here we have, Google’s own version – Web Stories. From creative perspective, it is not different from any other platforms like Snapchat, Instagram or Twitter (am waiting when Linkedin will announce it). So what we have is a nice […]

Demise of 3rd Party Data – What can marketers do?

Earlier this year, Google announced that it is working on a privacy sandbox that will make 3rd party data or in layman’s term ‘cookies’ obsolete in next 2 years. Apple then went a notch higher and announced that Safari browser is now fully blocking 3rd party data. Over the years, marketers of all hues have […]

Facebook Introduces Knowledge Panel

Is Facebook entering the search engine game?? Last week, we saw discussions around Facebook introducing knowledge panel as part of it’s the search function. But before we go there, for the non-SEO folks let’s understand knowledge panels a bit. What are Knowledge Panels They are the small boxes that you have seen while you do […]

Twitter Trends – Why they are Irrelevant

Introduction Why Twitter Trends are Important Why Twitter Trends are Irrelevant Can we Save Twitter Trends Twitter Trends have been an integral part of Twitter since the day they were introduced. There was always a sense of achievement when one saw their hashtag or term trending on Twitter. AFAIK, Twitter had introduced them with an intention […]