Twitter Trends – Why they are Irrelevant

Introduction Why Twitter Trends are Important Why Twitter Trends are Irrelevant Can we Save Twitter Trends Twitter Trends have been an integral part of Twitter since the day they were introduced. There was always a sense of achievement when one saw their hashtag or term trending on Twitter. AFAIK, Twitter had introduced them with an intention […]

SEOTalk Twitter Chat Turns 5

Yes, SEOTalk Twitter Chat has turned 5 today!! Happy Birthday to us. And us means the entire community because without you all, we would not have reached so far. It was over 5 years back that I was in conversation with Jaydip Parikh, the founder and Chief Everything Officer of TejSolPro, on Facebook over some […]

How PayPal is Helping Freelancers

Am I a Gary Vee Generation Freelancer or a Steve Jobs Generation Freelancer Someone recently asked me, are you a Gary Vee generation freelancer or a Steve Jobs generation freelancer. Intrigued!!?? How do we dissect the two? While on one hand, Gary Vee consistently speaks about ‘hustle’ or hard work, 24 hours a day to […]

5 Amazing Ways to Repurpose Content

The ability to repurpose content is the cornerstone for any successful content marketer. More often than not, you might have hit a lean patch with writer’s block or lack of time. It’s during those times, that we look for quick content ideas and repurposing content is one very successful strategy. Before we dive into how […]

10 Impactful Visual Content Ideas For Brands

Visual Content is at the heart of any successful content strategy. Given that brands are producing tons of content – blogs, videos, infographics etc, it often becomes difficult to stand out from the crowd. This is addressed be creating powerful visual content, content that is a treat to the eyes, is easily understood by audience, […]