4 Blogging Misconception Debunked

By | October 27, 2012

Blogging Misconceptions

So now you have a crazy idea to start blogging have loads of money with a wonderful life. If this is what you have thought, let me tell you it’s far from real. I have often heard friends and acquaintance tell me this and I have had a good laugh about it.

Today, I will try to debunk few of the misconceptions about blogging and try to give you our (the blogger’s) point of view:

1. Blogging is easy

Don’t even think that blogging is easy. Not every blogger is a great story-teller and they get better only with each posts. For every post, there goes lot of time to research and create content. Ultimately, its the content that will stand out and every blogger worth his salt tries to experiment with content time and again. For each post, the blogger has to think of a topic, which in itself is a great task, because the topic has to be something that the blogger can associate with and write on. And then create content, which can appeal to the readers.

There’s also lot of work that goes once the post is live, the blogger needs to share it at appropriate platforms to get it noticed, needs to engage with reader on those platforms, answer to comments and all the while thinking about what their next post would be. Think this is easy?? 🙂

2. Blogger makes lot of money

This is a good one, but yes, few of the big boys around do make good money, but that is not essentially from blogging alone. They go out for consulting and speaking assignments which get them big dollars. If you’re kind of a shy blogger like me, this will not earn you any money. Though you can have small amounts by placing ads or having affiliate links, but for that, your content has to be powerful and you need great call to actions and get your readers to click those ads. To earn the big bucks, have a sound business plan around your blog that consists of consulting or any kind of additional support.

3. Bloggers lead great life

Hmm…Well not everyone of us resides in Hawaii. Imagine thinking about a topic 24×7 or looking out for blog inspiration in every actions during a day. Topics like ‘What spider can teach you about blogging’, ‘Is your blog a flat tyre’ come from our everyday experience. Every blogger knows that they cannot rest on laurels and have to create content each time that will made readers share their posts and also come back and read each time they write a post.

Also, for many of the bloggers, maintaining their blog is a part-time job which they balance along with regular jobs or college and even while supporting other family members. Cultivating content during those times is a major challenge as you tend to lose focus and creativity.

4. Bloggers have great fan following

Nope, we all start solo. It takes time and constant efforts to build even a small following. Though various social media platforms have made the job a bit easier now, but the blogger still needs to take time out to share his post and build loyalty around their blog. People will not share only because they write good, but most of the times, people look for engagement with the blogger.

Hope I have helped you debunk some of the popular myths surrounding blogging. The aim is to help you devise strategies to build a successful blog and not to make you run away from blogging.

Your Turn

Use the comments section below and let me know what is your blogging mojo? Was it easy when you started out and have you face the same questions that I do now?

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