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By | November 15, 2012


The word is out, Pinterest has just rolled out Business Pages for brands along with few tools and an updated ToS taking brands into consideration. So, as far as brands matter,  now they need not go and tweak around on the ‘Personal Details’ page, but instead register themselves as brands & get going!!


What Pinterest for Business means?

With the roll out specially meant for business, Pinterest makes it intentions clear that their focus is to have brands adopt Pinterest. With a specific microsite that shows few success stories, they want brands to adopt some best practices and even have few of their own.

For businesses, it would be another marketing platform, but if you’re already around on Pinterest with a personal account, they have added provisions to convert to a business account. With some current widgets – Pin Button and Follow Button, which brands can have on their websites, businesses can look forward to some more tools to increase engagement. Also, having a brand board instead of a personal board would give a professional dimension to businesses since Pinterest has made guidelines specifically for brands to use its logo.

How can brands leverage it?

According to Pinterest for Business, brands can leverage it in 4 ways:

  1. Tell their story – Brands can create an account, verify their website and start creating boards. With some awesome pins, they can get the engagement going with followers.
  2. Build a Community – One of the greatest way of building a community is to have active participation of followers. According to Pinterest, it can be done with a pinning event, collaborating with other pinners and also have some great CTA on your pins. Otherwise, host a Pinterest giveaway and get some loyal fans.
  3. Get Traffic your way – With the ‘Pin it’ button on your website and each product pages is a great way to drive traffic your way. Ensure that the button are around where they can be seen.
  4. Learn and Grow – This is the best part. Very often for brands to adopt a new platform requires a great amount of learning. A single mistake could cost their face, hence it always better to learn from few of the best ones around and tailor strategies to suit your business goal.

Pinterest already has about 5 case studies on its microsite, so now its upto brands how they can leverage ‘Pinterest for Business‘.

How to set up the business page?

If you already own an account on Pinterest, just click on the ‘Convert your existing account‘ which takes you to the page where the business type can be defined & it pull out other information from the existing account details.

Pinterest Convert

Even, setting up a new account is quite a breeze, since Pinterest asks for minimal information. Just click on the ‘New to Pinterest. Join as business‘ and it opens the create business account page.  You’re all set once the required information is filled. Make sure to verify your website and the page is set for pinning.

Pinterest Create

As a brand manager, I am serious impressed by what Pinterest has done and I would love to see brands leverage the existing case studies and drive their campaign.

Happy Pinning Brands!!

Your Turn

Do you think that this roll out by Pinterest would be a game changer? How do you see brands picking up from here and adopting Pinterest as a credible social platform?

Would love to hear your views, share them using the comments below.

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