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Big Data

The last week can be counted as the most active week of the year for people in Social Media business, starting with the news about Google Communities to Twitter taking off support for Instagram and starting its own Photo app. While the world was dabbling into Google Communities, I was trying to understand the power behind all the social platforms, since I had heard about Big Data. As I read more, Big Data became more interesting and it became all the more clear how the current volume & speed of data is being handled.

5 Best Posts on Big Data

  1.  The first post is indeed about ‘What is Big Data‘ by Timo Elliott. A very short and crisp post explaining and also debunking some of the commonly misunderstood meaning of Big Data. I came to know that these ‘data scientists’ are actually people behind analyses of data and they should not be called ‘business analyst’.
  2. The business model behind Big Data is covered in this post ‘What a Big-Data Business Model Looks Like‘ by R ‘Ray’ Wang. The author is very clear in saying that you have more chances of losing out if you do not understand the customer wants now or do not engage with them. The business models are clearly explained with examples, so you get a better understanding of them.
  3. And if you are overwhelmed read this post ‘Big Data is Puzzling!‘ by Ajay Kelkar where he talks about trial and tribulations an organisation goes through adopting Big Data solutions. He hits the nail on the head by asking if this is indeed a marketing ploy by Technology companies or is it for real!!
  4. If you’re looking for a perfect use case of Big Data, it cannot be bigger and better than this – ‘How President Obama’s campaign used big data to rally individual voters‘ by Sasha Issenberg. The post explains how Dan Wagner used the voter data & analytics to ensure Obama victory.
  5. Finally, we cannot forget how Twitter uses Big Data. So much so that a university has put in a course titled ‘Analyzing Big Data with Twitter’. This post  by Mike Issac has multiple links to some great information on the usage at Twitter.

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