Top 5 Posts on Guest Blogging for Week #16

By | April 21, 2013
Guest Blogging

Guest Blogging

Guest Blogging is indeed a great way to increase your audience. And if you’re looking at it from traffic generation and SEO perspective, the search engines do give more points for guest posting.

But recently, there has been lot of noise around the growing importance of Guest Blogging and the various reasons you should not be doing it. With the Google Panda and Penguin updates and increasing use of AuthorRank, the noise has only increased. Not to be bogged down by the naysayers, I went on to read few posts that could help you in better Guest Blogging.

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Top 5 Posts on Guest Blogging

1. On this post, Gini Dietrich gives 7 great tips for Guest Blogging. I liked the first point, where you see the ranking of the target blog in order to ensure that you’re writing at better places. That has its own merit in the eyes of search engines. Also #6 is good and read that tip carefully so that you do not get penalized for duplicate content.

2. I know you can write some awesome post but do you follow these Guest Blogging Etiquette suggested by Renee DeCoskey? Liked the point on ‘tailoring the pitch’. I know how it feels to receive a ‘dead’ email saying I want to guest post (I get many). You indeed have to tell the site owner, why you feel the need to guest post on their site. A little praise can go a long way!

3. And if you’re worrying about AuthorRank, this post by Andras Deak on B2C is an eye-opener when it comes to the importance of Guest Blogging and it’s effect on AuthorRank. Like I wrote in the first point, the place where you are writing is very important in the eyes of search engines. The warning bells on this post are pretty good, do not write guest blogs just for the heck of it, always write better content and make yourself heard.

4. You can’t leave out Neil Patel when you’re talking about SEO benefits. This post has a great explanation on how Penguin 2.0 will effect Guest Blogging. Awesome first point on the importance of Social Signals and how the lack of it can effect your ranking. Read the post for some great suggestions on how you should improve your guest blogging efforts.

5. Finally, the opportunities! Rae Hoffman has some great tricks to find Guest Blogging opportunities and he has shared them on this post. But wait!! Who uses Bing? :). But his tricks are indeed innovative, something I have never tried and look forward to doing it.

Personally though, I am a big fan of and it has give me some great articles and infographics to share on my blog. The site gives multiple opportunities to offer your posts, explore it! Am sure it will not be disappointing.

Your Turn

So if you have reached here, let me know what is your take on guest blogging? If you are someone who does it, share us your experience and even your latest post. We will be glad to take a look and share my thoughts.

Do not forget to share your comments below! Have a great week ahead!

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