How to Become a Social Media Marketer [Infographic]

By | June 28, 2013

Social Media MarketerSo you want to be a Social Media Marketer?

But any idea what Social Media Marketer do or what each platform real mean. Well the job is not as easy as you think. They may be spending their time on Facebook, Twitter or all the fancy platform you can think of, but none of them are whiling their time away.

A Social Media Marketer guided by their clients to drive campaigns that enable them drive traffic, engage fans, find influencers and also use analytics skills to find the target audience.

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 What Social Media Marketers Need?

A Social Media Marketer would need at least these 3:

1. Education

2. Experience

3. Additional Professional Development

Yes, having a basic degree is really helpful and the best is to have Business Master’s degree in either Marketing, PR, Communication or Social Media. Getting into the marketing courses at B-Schools like Harvard or Stanford does help a lot.

Experience matters most, you might not have it on Social Media, but then any experience in PR or marketing using ‘traditional media’ will definitely give an edge.

Catch the following infographic to learn about earning potential and other details.

How to become a social media marketer
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Your Turn

  • Would you agree to the observations on this infographic?
  • How otherwise can an individual become a good Social Media Marketer?
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