Top 5 Posts on LinkedIn Endorsement – Week #30

By | July 29, 2013

Linkedin Endorsement

How often do you found the LinkedIn Endorsement notification? Do you find those notifications annoying? Then you’re not alone. I equally crib about it whenever someone whom I have not interacted with, ‘endorses’ me for a certain skill.

LinkedIn Endorsement was announced sometime during the end of 2012 and since then it has generated good amount of press, more bad press than good. The new feature was touted to be a quicker replacement to ‘Recommendations’, since you can select the skill of the person and ‘Endorse’ them in a single click.

Once it was launched, people have been using it pretty frequently and many of them endorsing their contacts on skills which they have never worked on. So…

LinkedIn Endorsement – Are they really bad?

While I consider LinkedIn as one of the best professional social media network around with some amazing features, few of their strategies are indeed falling flat.

On the web, few articles have compared LinkedIn Endorsements with Klout and similar influence scoring system, but on the other side, few others are recommending that people use a bit of caution while ‘endorsing’ anyone.

LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner has told about Endorsements hitting 1 billion in just under five months since it’s launch but like every system, it’s always as good as the users want them to be.

My views about the feature is:

1. Only endorse someone if you know about their skills

2. Do not expect reciprocal actions.

3. Use ‘Recommendations’  to explain the person better

What you should do next?

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Top 5 Posts on LinkedIn Endorsements

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