#Blab2Learn Recap – Branded Content w/Rashii Prabhakar

By | December 7, 2015

branded content

Branded Content – That’s the new wave in content marketing.

You may have already seen many brands resorting to this technique now but how can it be done best?

We had none other than Rashii Prabhakar explaining that on the Blab2Learn show and sharing some interesting thoughts on doing it well.

Most of the brands that we know of find it tough to have a strategy around branded content. Many of them end up just talking about themselves and come out at ‘me-me-me’ message which the consumers hate to see.

Is there a way it can be done in a subtle way?

What is the difference between editorial content and branded content?

Should brands leverage it?

Rashii explains them perfectly on the show.

Branded Content with Rashii Prabhakar

Your Turn

  1. Do you think brands should invest in this new content strategy?
  2. Will we see more brands adopting it?

Let us know your thoughts on the topic.

Meanwhile stay tuned to Blab2Learn show. Subscribe to the channel today!

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