Guest Post – Importance of Lead Validation

importance of lead validation

Guest Post by Aaron Wittersheim

Generating quality leads is a never-ending battle for a lot of companies. One way to win that war is to set up a system that will better measure the success of your lead generation campaign. Ideally that system would involve separating sales leads from non-sales conversions, a process called lead validation. This allows you to decipher what’s working in your campaign and what’s not, helping you adjust campaign elements for better results.

Why Lead Validation

Most inaccuracies in lead generation stem from relying on conversion data instead of sales lead data. According to “The Importance of Lead Validation” study, 50 percent of a company’s website conversions aren’t sales leads. That means you could be investing in campaigns that aren’t contributing to ROI. Here are more key benefits of vetting your inquiries:

  • You will know the online marketing source that contributed to every sales lead.
  • You will know how to optimize campaign performance based on sales leads data versus conversion data.
  • While conversion data provides the cost per conversion (which is grossly misleading when half aren’t sales related), through lead validation your will know the accurate (and far more important) cost per lead.

Find out more valuable information on lead generation (like the visit attribution for conversion) and importance of lead validation in the presentation below:

Your Take

  1. Why is it important to validate leads?
  2.  What steps are you taking to validate your leads?

Author Bio

Aaron Wittersheim is Chief Operating Officer at Internet marketing agency Straight North.

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