Digital Marketing Weekly News for Dec 2nd 2017

digital marketing weekly updatesIt has been an interesting week in the world of Digital Marketing.

We had some great news to cover and it seems that the platforms are on a roll before going out for Christmas holidays.

Weekly News for Dec 2nd

  1. Instagram crosses 25 million business users – Instagram is rapidly bringing in changes to the app and that seems to be getting lot of interest from the business community. According to the blog released by Instagram, they have seen the business users grow by 15 million from July 2017. Are you on Instagram? Join me at Malhar Barai on Instagram
  2. Request to Join feature on Instagram Live – Instagram had recently updated its Live feature to bring in a guest. It now has additional feature where your friends/followers can request to go live and join you on the stream.instagram-request-to-join
  3. Youtube to roll out Reel – Youtube Reel is similar to the stories feature of various other social media platforms. According to the release, the ‘stories’ will never expire. The feature though is designed specifically for Youtube Creators and is being beta tested with few users
  4. Twitter to have Bookmark Feature – While not official yet, the news, was shared by the staff of product team in a series of tweets. It seems, Twitter is testing the Bookmark or ‘Save for Later’ feature that will help to privately save the tweets
  5. Tweet Storm Feature Coming Soon – Again, this is not yet released but in conversation with Techcruch, Twitter has confirmed that the feature will be out soon and is being tested internally.

It seems, December if off to a good start and we should end the year with quite a lot of improvements on social media platforms. The new features and focus on mobile devices should continue into next year.

Your Turn

  1. Do you think Twitter will reinvent itself in early 2018?
  2. Thoughts on Instagram & Snapchat rivalry

Do let me know through comments below or Tweet back to @MalharBarai on all the weekly news.

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