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Hola from marketing specialist Malhar Barai!!!

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Does Marketing Specialist sound uncommon?

But that is what Malhar Barai is.

Malhar Barai is based out of Bangalore, India and specializes in Digital Marketing and all its associated suite of activities – strategy, tools, trends.

Currently, he heads the marketing at Tech Mahindra for APAC (Asia-Pacific) & India region. He is also co-founder & co-host of #SEOTalk Twitter Chat

With a background in Technology where he co-authored a book on ‘Service Oriented Architecture using Java’, he finds the current trend of ‘marketing technologist’ very close to his interest.

He loves to research, talk and share knowledge about Digital Marketing through blogging & speaking assignments.

Few places where he has spoken:

  1. SMW Day Vadodara & Ahmedabad
  2. Pune 24ADP Conference –
  3. SEMrush India Meetup – 

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